Management, dissemination and communication - WP 6 of the GRACE project

A view of the Canadian coastal sea ice.

A view of the Canadian coastal sea ice. © Kirsten Jørgensen


- to manage the project work efficiently in order to produce a smooth reporting to EC- to coordinate the activities between the work packages in order to get the maximum new collaboration

- to ensure that data, methodology, innovations produced in the project will become available to the scientific community and to emerging markets.

- to communicate the results of the project to the stakeholders in Arctic oil response actions, the scientific community and to emerging markets.

Planned steps:

  1. Management
    • Project initiation.
    • Project operational management – Steering group consisting of the workpackage leaders and the coordinator. Other management bodies are the General Assembly, Innovation Management Board and Advisory Board.
    • Project administration.
    • Project finalizing.
  2. Dissemination
    • A dissemination and exploitation plan will be prepared.
    • A data management plan will be prepared.
    • Coordination of a business plan for the companies involved in GRACE.
  3. Project web pages
    • A project brochure will be printed at the beginning of the project.
    • Info to international, transnational and transboundary working groups.
    • Presentations at scientific meetings of joint project results.

Work package leader:

Leading Research Scientist, Dr. Kirsten Jørgensen
Marine Research Center, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE


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