Work Package 1: Oil spill detection, monitoring, fate and distribution

In-situ oil detection (D1.1)

Integration of oil detection functionality to FerryBox system (D1.2)

SmartBuoy technology and integration with oil spill detection networks (D1.3)

Report on influence of salinity and temperature on bioassay responses, and derivation of thresholds for proper application of the biounits (D1.4)

Oil detection using oil sensors on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (D1.5)

Work Package 2: Oil biodegradation and bioremediation 

Oil biodegradation in seawater and impact of dispersants on oil biodegradation characteristics (D2.1)

Work Package 3: Oil impacts on biota using biomarkers and ecologiacl risk assassment

State-of-art in biological monitoring - Literature review report on the monitoring of biological effects of oil spills and oil spill responses in the northern Atlantic and Baltic Sea (D3.1)

Report on suitable environmental parameters for investigation of oil spills and oil spill responses using zebrafish (D3.2)

Environmental Specimen Banks: Sample and Data Inventory in Marine Areas of Arctic and Sub-Arctic Regions (D3.4)

ESB calendar (D3.5)

Modeled effects of oil (D3.19)

Work Package 4: Combat of oil spill coastal artic water - effectiveness and environmental effects

Literature review report of oil in ice (D4.1)

Protocol for studies of natural removal of stranded oil on the coast in Arctic climatic regimes (D4.8)

Mitigation plan for pilot scale oil spill field experiment (D4.10)

Baseline monitoring report (D4.11)

Work Package 5: Strategic Net Environmental Benefit Analysis

Preliminary screening of design and data requirement report (D5.1)

Simulations of oil spill dispersion report (D5.2)

Work Package 6: Management, Dissemination and Communication

Project web pages (D6.1)

Brochure (D6.2)

Project Management Plan (D6.5)

Periodic report 1 Publishable summary (December 2017)

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